Why we give emergency loans!

We understand that emergencies can come in many forms.

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We have more than years of experience

About the company

We have been working very efficiently with loan and funding for 25 years.

Urgent Paise has been created with you in mind. With your needs in mind. There can be situations, emergencies when funds are needed instantly. It could be any time of the day. Or night. We have geared ourselves up to serve you according to your needs.


Why people choose us

We are a fintech company operating in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai with the objective of providing you the funds exactly when you need them.

When you look for financial help

When you look for financial help from financial institutions or banks, you may not get the help that you need. Sometimes, it may so happen that you need instant help. However, due to some reason the amount may not come through. What’s more is that you may actually have to go through certain procedures to get the money.