You and LoanInTime Corporation, hereinafter referred to as "LoanInTime," hereby agree to be bound by the terms outlined in this Agreement by using our services, whether by clicking the "I Agree" or "I Accept" button, or by downloading, installing, or using the services offered. Please do not click "I Accept" or "I Agree," to download, install, or use our services if you do not accept the conditions that are displayed to you.

Here are the most recent definitions for the LoanInTime-specific provisions of the Agreement:

The "application" or "App" refers to the mobile application developed by LoanInTime to offer its loan services to customers.

The term "Lender" designates a bank or non-bank financial institution (NBFI) with whom LoanInTime has a loan-sanctioning agreement. The Lender approves, manages, and provides loans to consumers via the Platform

The phrase "Company" or "we" refers to LoanInTime, a business that is duly incorporated and has its registered office at [Registered Office Address], as per the Companies Act of 2013.

"Customer," "You," or "End-User": Any individual who accesses, makes use of, views, or saves the Platform and the Services it offers.

"Loan": The financial assistance that Platform users may request. The Lender grants and disburses the loan by the terms stated in the loan agreement.

"Loan Agreement": The written or electronic contract that contains all of the specific terms and conditions of the loan and is signed by the lender and the customer(s).

"Online Store" refers to any website or digital retailer where LoanInTime makes its App available for consumers to download and utilise, including Windows Store, Android Google Play, iOS App Store, and comparable platforms.

"Outstanding Amount": The overall loan sum that debtors are obligated to pay back by the deadlines, including interest and associated costs. The LoanInTime App and Website, which give clients access to and use the services provided, are referred to alternately as the "Platform" and the "Website."

"Services": The numerous methods that the Lender can use the Platform to sanction, consent, and pay short-term loans.

The term "Third-Party Platforms" refers to websites and online spaces that are not directly under LoanInTime's control but may be used for social networking. These platforms, as examples, include Facebook, LinkedIn, and related websites.

All information that clients of LoanInTime supply to the business before or after using the services is referred to as "User Data" in this document. "Website": Refers to the domain name [Website Domain Name], which LoanInTime manages and controls to support the provision of Services.

It should be noted that the [Registered Office Address] and [Website Domain Name] should be changed to reflect LoanInTime's actual registered office location and website domain name.


You must fulfil the requirements outlined in our mobile app to use our Services and submit an application for a loan. Note that the Lender has chosen LoanInTime to gather, confirm, and track your location, and verify User Data, papers, and any other information necessary for loan approval. The mobile application form for LoanInTime that is accessible on our platform securely gathers and saves User Data with the Lender's approval.

You must create a "User Account" with LoanInTime by logging in with your favourite Third-Party Platform to access and use our Services. You will be asked to submit user information via the app's mobile form during the application process. The data may be your email address, name, age, date of birth, telephone number, user name, password, image, contact details, mobile phone information (such as SMS and browsing history), login information for third-party platforms, financial information (such as bank documents, statements, salary slips), bank account numbers, PAN cards, customer compliance-related data, information from credit information companies, and other pertinent data. You are accountable for making sure all of your personal information is true, complete, and current. You authorise us to access and obtain all essential data and private information from third-party platforms if you use our services. Please be aware that from time to time, we might ask the relevant third-party platforms for updates to your data and receive them.

LoanInTime will rigorously follow your particular instructions in all transactions carried out on your behalf, and you will need to approve them in advance. Our business runs on a non-discretionary system. You authorise LoanInTime to request credit reports from several financial institutions following the terms of this agreement. The review and approval of your application will start as soon as you have confirmed and submitted the relevant user data, paperwork, and information using LoanInTime's mobile application form.

If you satisfy the necessary criteria for eligibility and adhere to the loan acceptance terms and conditions, the Lender can grant the loan request after our firm has completed the document validation procedure. The ECS/NACH authorization form, a cheque, or any other pertinent paperwork that the Lender requests will then need to be filled out and submitted by you. To process and approve loans, our organisation may gather physical documents, including those that call for signatures. Once the lender has received and reviewed these papers by the loan agreement, the loan amount will be issued.

"The loan will be disbursed using the procedure mentioned in the mobile application form. By the dates specified in the mobile application form, you must pay back the loan balance to the lender.

While utilising the Services, LoanInTime reserves the right to monitor your whereabouts to make sure that all of your responsibilities, including paying back the Lender's unpaid sum, are met. Even if you stop using, uninstall, or delete the mobile app, this tracking can carry on. This monitoring's goal is to guarantee adherence to all responsibilities up until the full repayment of the remaining balance owed to the Lender.

Please be aware that LoanInTime retains its right to monitor where you are at all times while you use the Services, regardless of whether you remove or uninstall the mobile app or for any other pertinent cause, until the point at which you are no longer liable for paying the Lender's outstanding sum.

You are still liable for paying off any unpaid balances even if you deactivate our Services or cease using them. You accept that LoanInTime shall not be responsible for any claims, damages, or disputes originating from the proper or improper use of the Services and undertake to take sole responsibility for all actions undertaken while using the Services under your User Account. By utilising the Services, you agree that maintaining the privacy of your User Account and any related behaviour is solely your responsibility. Without giving a reason, LoanInTime reserves the right to accept or reject your request for the Services. You further acknowledge that for the Platform and Services to operate properly and for interaction to be successful, you must have access to a computer or other electronic device that satisfies all technical requirements for software, hardware, connectivity to the internet, and other elements

LoanInTime securely stores the User Data you submitted throughout the registration procedure for your convenience. The Platform can be accessed without logging into your User Account each time. By agreeing to these conditions, you expressly grant us permission to keep track of, retrieve, and use your personal information along with that of other users to carry out authentication procedures and to send you account-related updates.


App Use Authorization: You must download and install the LoanInTime App to use the Services. You attest that you are of legal age and have the mental ability to comprehend, accept, and abide by these Terms by using the Services. Your right to download, install, and use the App is granted to you by LoanInTime on a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and reversible basis. These Terms & Conditions apply to the usage of the App because it is licenced to you rather than sold.

Through accredited online retailers, the App can be downloaded, installed, accessed, or used on a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and similar gadgets.

Support and Upkeep: Although these services are not required, LoanInTime may, at its discretion, offer maintenance and assistance for the App.

Updates/Upgrades: Through the relevant online stores, the App might provide the option to subscribe to updates or upgrades. It's crucial to know that certain features or capabilities may stop working if you decide not to update or upgrade the App.


The following guidelines must be followed when using LoanInTime:

Prohibited Behaviours :- You shall abstain from engaging in any illegal or criminal activity by using the Platform or Services. Any component of the App may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited by you.

Prohibited Materials: It is completely forbidden to upload, post, email, transmit, or make available any damaging, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, or objectionable content based on a person's race, ethnicity, or other characteristics.

Unsolicited Requests:Use of the Platform to disseminate unauthorised or unsolicited solicitations, such as "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or comparable sorts of solicitations, is forbidden.

Contaminated Content: It is expressly forbidden to upload, post, email, share, or share any content on the Platform that has computer viruses or other types of malicious computer code, files, or programmes designed to obstruct, disable, or restrict the functionality of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications devices.

Infractions and Interference: It is expressly forbidden to engage in any actions that hinder regular communication, restrict other users from taking part in live discussions, or attempt to compromise the Platform or any related networks in breach of their rules.

Following the law: Any applicable municipal, state, national, or international rules or regulations must not be broken, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Please be aware that breaking any of these guidelines could result in your access to the LoanInTime platform and services being terminated.

Content available:

Concerning the content available via the Platform or Services, LoanInTime provides no promises or assurances. Data files, text, numbers, code for computers, audio files, images, videos, and other visual components could all be included in the content. Any content that a user uploads, shares, links to, or otherwise makes available on the Platform is strictly their responsibility. LoanInTime disclaims all responsibility for any injury resulting from the use of any incorrect, lacking, or missing information.

Except as otherwise provided under these Terms, nothing contained on the Platform should be interpreted as an official invitation, promotion, or suggestion to buy or sell any financial products or services offered by LoanInTime or its subsidiaries.

Proprietary rights of the company:

You agree that all intellectual property rights concerning the Platform's content, platform, services, brands, trade names, trademarks, designs, and any essential software belong exclusively to LoanInTime. This covers every ownership, title, and interest in the associated intellectual property rights. The Platform may also feature logos, service marks, and trademarks that belong to or are utilised by other businesses. However, unless expressly permitted, you cannot utilise any logos, service marks, or trademarks on the Platform. It may be against the law to utilise this intellectual property without permission.

You should be aware that these terms do not provide you or any other party ownership rights in the Platform. Responsibility, rights, and titles continue to belong to LoanInTime. However, as long as your registration with the business is active, you are permitted access to the services offered by LoanInTime

Links to third party sites:

There is a chance that the LoanInTime platform will link to other websites, often known as "Linked Websites," that are run by unaffiliated third parties and are not members of the LoanInTime network. The information on these Linked Websites is subject to change without notice, and LoanInTime expressly disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of the information on these websites or any links contained within. Regarding the veracity of the information on external websites, LoanInTime provides no guarantees or declarations.

On the LoanInTime platform, third-party adverts might also be shown. However, the existence of these adverts does not signify that LoanInTime has given the advertiser, its goods, or services, sponsorship or approval. For information on the adverts and any related goods or services, you should get in touch with the specific advertiser directly. For any problems that might result from your interactions with third parties, LoanInTime expressly disclaims all obligations and accountability.

Ancillary services:

LoanInTime offers extra features including chat rooms, blogs, comments, reviews, and other similar services that may be provided by us directly or by third parties on our company's behalf. The use of our services for any illegal activities, such as defamation, abuse, stalking, harassment, threats, or supporting racism, is categorically banned. It is completely forbidden to take any activities that break the law or violate another person's right to privacy.

Please be aware that the Platform might contain suggestions, viewpoints, and remarks from different professionals, analysts, and experts. LoanInTime does not, however, support or attest to the truthfulness or dependability of any such recommendations, views, conclusions, statements, or information. You must independently evaluate any such recommendations, views, services, declarations, or information offered on the Platform to determine its accuracy and application

Furthermore, nothing on the Platform, including the content, ought to be taken into consideration as professional advice in the fields of law, accounting, tax, finance, or investment. The Platform doesn't offer any recommendations or advice in particular. At any moment, LoanInTime may update, amend, modify, or remove any information on the Platform. However, LoanInTime won't be held responsible for any ensuing claims or losses brought on by such modifications. It's critical to realise that nothing on the Platform should be interpreted as an endorsement for a certain approach or solution. LoanInTime makes no express or implied promise or warranty that using any items or techniques indicated on the Platform won't violate any patents or other rights, but this possibility exists.


In the following situations, the Company maintains the right to end these terms:

  1. Non-compliance: if you disregard any clause in these contracts.
  2. Legal prerequisites: if the Company is mandated by law to follow certain laws
  3. The cessation of services : if the Company chooses to stop providing the services or stop the Platform's operations.
  4. Licence for the app expiring: if the App's licence for use expires.
  5. Unpaid debts: if any overdue balances is still owing.

The Company further reserves the right to keep an eye on your behavior, even after these terms expire or the App is uninstalled until all of your responsibilities, including the settlement of any unpaid debts, are met.You shall forfeit any licences and rights granted to you upon termination of these terms, and you must stop using the Platform and its services straight away. You will also be in charge of paying any unpaid debts. Please be aware that even if the agreement is terminated, you are still responsible for any outstanding debts.

Disclaimer of warranties:

You agree that using the LoanInTime Platform and its Services is solely your own responsibility and judgement. The Platform and Services are made available "as is" and "as available." All representations and implied guarantees, such as those of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, and non-infringement, are expressly disclaimed by the Company.

You do so voluntarily and at your own risk if you choose to download or otherwise receive content from the Platform. Any harm to your computer system, loss of electronic data, or data corruption brought on by such downloads is totally your responsibility. The Company makes no guarantees or representations of any kind, either express or implied, about the truthfulness, fullness, or dependability of any guidance or data gathered through the Company, the Services, or the Platform, whether expressed orally or in writing, except what is expressly stated in these Terms.

You are entirely responsible for making proper use of the Platform and Services and for reporting any improper usage. Only personal, non-commercial use is intended for the Platform and Services. Any losses resulting from the use of the Services that are not expressly indicated in these Terms shall not subject the Company to liability. Regarding the following, the Company makes no guarantees or warranties:

(a) That the Content will satisfy your needs and be accurate, timely, uninterrupted, or secure;
(a) The Platform or Services will be helpful to you; and
(c) The accuracy or dependability of the outcomes produced by the Platform or Services.


By agreeing to these conditions, you release and hold safe the business, its associated companies, affiliates, managers, representatives, co-branders, partners, and employees from any third-party claims or requests, including the costs of fighting against such claims or demands

This indemnity covers any claims or demands brought against you as a result of your use or abuse of the LoanInTime Platform or Services, your breach of these Terms, your violation of the rights of other customers, your breach of the law, or any combination of these activities. By agreeing to these conditions, you waive any claims or demands against the Company and any connected parties resulting from your acts or inaction. This covers the costs related to defending against such allegations, such as legal fees.

Limitations of liability:

You understand and acknowledge that regardless of whether the Company has been updated on the potential for such harm, its executives, employees, authorities, and service providers shall not be accountable for any harm, such as but not restricted to direct, indirect, incidental, special, significant, or exceptional damages. These damages could result from a number of circumstances, including:

(a) The use of or inability to use LoanInTime's services,
(b) Inability to access the Platform,
(c) Delays in the Platform's accessibility or the delivery of services,
(b) The Company's performance or lack thereof,
(e) Loss of functionality in your computer system or other electronic devices as a result of using the Platform to access or download materials,
(f) Server errors or other problems affecting the Services.

You comprehend and identify that, to the greatest extent permitted by relevant laws, the Company shall not be liable for any such damages. The Company shall not be held responsible for any harm, deficiency, or interruption of Platform-related operations that may result from events beyond its reasonable control. Natural disasters, acts or events outside the Company's control, such as interruptions in the machine or telecommunications service, modifications to Reserve Bank of India regulations or those of other government organisations, riots, storms, civil unrest, blackouts of electricity, and floods, are just a few examples of such situations.

The Company will employ ordinary commercial measures to limit any interruptions or delays brought on by unforeseen events, but it disclaims all responsibility for any ensuing indirect losses.

Privacy policy:

By At LoanInTime, we are committed to safeguarding the security and privacy of our clients. To provide our services, we must collect, share, and handle personal data. To that end, we have put in place a comprehensive privacy policy. You may access our complete privacy declaration by clicking on the following link: [Privacy Statement Link] to gain a thorough understanding of our privacy practices.


In its sole discretion and at any point, LoanInTime reserves the right to change, delete, suspend, or modify these Terms or any related content. Users will be quickly informed if these Terms change through the publication of the updated terms on the website. You acknowledge and agree to the amended terms by using the services or platform after any such amendments have been made. To be aware of any updates or modifications, we advise examining the conditions frequently.

Law and jurisdictional preference:

These Terms or any linked materials may be changed, removed, suspended, or revised at any time by LoanInTime. Any modifications to these Terms shall be promptly communicated to Users by posting the updated terms on the website. You confirm that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to the new terms by using the platform or services once they have been implemented. To be aware of any updates or modifications, we advise examining the conditions on a frequent basis.


• Complete Agreement: The terms and conditions of the loan agreement, the mobile application form, and the privacy policy make up the entirety of the contract between you and LoanInTime for the services.
• Protection of Rights: Even if it hasn't in the past, LoanInTime reserves the right to enforce any rights or clauses in these conditions.
• The time frame for filing claims:You understand and accept that any claims or causes of action resulting from your use of the services or your agreement with these terms must be filed within one (1) year of the date on which such claim or cause of action arises or be forever barred.
• Severability:The court will make an effort to confirm the parties' intentions as stated in that section if it finds any aspect of these terms to be defective. The remaining terms and conditions are still enforceable and lawful.


Referral recipients are individuals who participate in the LoanInTime referral programme with a valid referral code, whilst referrers are those who pass along the referral code. Participants in the referral programme might be either referrers or referees. Both the referrer and the referral receiver are eligible for a discount of Rs. ------ on their subsequent loan payments for each successful reference. Be aware that LoanInTime retains the right to change the amount stated. The chance to take part in sporadic, widely publicised referral tournaments may also be available to referrers.


Please send an email to LoanInTime at info@LoanInTime.com if you have any queries or would like to report any violations of these Terms.. By accepting the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you must have recommended at least 10 friends who successfully applied for loans using your referral code to be eligible for the Lucky Draw throughout the contest time. Please take note that the LoanInTime App, which can be downloaded at https://www.LoanInTime.com, is the only application that can use referral codes.

Winners consent to have their names, addresses, photos, and other pertinent information publicised on many platforms by taking part in this referral programme. It is crucial to remember that LoanInTime has chosen particular cities where the referral programme is available. According to our Terms and Conditions, it is forbidden to open numerous customer accounts using various addresses, email addresses, or devices to gain unauthorised referral discounts

LoanInTime reserves the option to withdraw, add, eliminate, amend, or alter any terms and circumstances of the referral discount programme without giving a reason. The referred client discount is non-transferable. All customers are expected to follow LoanInTime's decision in the event of a disagreement involving the referral programme. As a result of the programme, customers are responsible for paying all applicable taxes, cess, tariffs, and fees that are owed to the government or any other appropriate authority or agency

Accounts may be suspended, referral discounts may be removed or revoked, and features or benefits obtained through the referral programme may be withheld by LoanInTime. Any referral activity may be examined and looked into by LoanInTime as well.

The consumer acknowledges full responsibility for any loss or damage allegedly brought about by their participation in this programme, as well as accepting and/or usage of any prizes, by signing up for it. The customer agrees that any technical skills, software, hardware, or telephone issues; dropped or unavailable network connections; unsuccessful, incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, or postponed electronic interactions; or any other technical issues or human errors that may arise during entry processing in this programme are solely their responsibility. This disclaimer applies to LoanInTime and each of its executives, directors, staff members, parent company, and affiliated companies. The participant grants permission for their name, hometown, state, likeness, and/or voice to be used for promotional and publicity purposes without additional payment unless prohibited by law.

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We strictly follow the RBI directive and have set up an effective Grievance Redressal Cell to handle and address all manner of grievances. We always endeavour to carry out responsible lending, whereby we give just the loan which we know you will find convenient to pay back, but also recover our dues ethically. We never believe in any manner of high-handed or coercive recovery methods. But in case you have any complaints we will take up the matter seriously and address the issue within 5 working days.

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